Tabata Madness

Tabata Burpees
Tabata High Knees with dumbells  *
Tabata Mountain Climbers

* Running on the spot,lifting the knees high for each rep,whilst alternate pressing a light dumbell 2-5lbs.  As left knee goes up press with right hand

Tabata =20s work 10 seconds rest for 8 sets for an overall w/o of 8 minutes per tabata.

Very intense when correctly done


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Workout idea (Scriptless Training)


Scriptless training is were there are no reps sets or order to the routine,the idea is to keep things random and just keep working hard.

Rather than provide an actual workout,today it is about designing your own workout,It has no given structure it’s up to you to  decide whats next as the workout progresses

Indoors or outdoors,Get some exercises in your head and your equipment ready

Get some suitable equipment ready and keep it within your workout area,

So for instance you could take a medicine ball to the park.Perform a quick fartlek around the perimeter of the field run back to medicine ball throw it as far as possible sprint  to the med ball throw it again.Sprint to the med ball perform 5 burpees,sit ups or push ups.Slam the ball into the ground 10 times.Perform jumping jacks for 30 seconds then stright into lunges.


An indoor version could include,push-ups,crunches,lunges,burpees,jumping jacks,body weight rows squats,mountain climbers divebomber push ups.

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28th May rest day

Active rest walking/surfing/mountain biking hiking enjoy the sunshine get outdoors.

29th May.

As I am away until Saturday I have included a workout for Friday

Hill sprints or Fartlek run

Warm up before the routine with either a walk up the hill or gentle running

Hill sprints Preferably on grass or off road put on your vibrams if you have them and perform as many sprints as possible in 20 minutes, or 10 minutes for beginners

Fartlek this is a great method of running especially on a trail ease into the run as a warmup then for 20 minutes run as fast as possible for anywhere between 10 seconds up to 90 seconds,ease bag down into a jog or walk if needed.Then after a similar amount of time at your recovery pace 10 s to 90 go again at a fast pace but this time alter the length of the fast run

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The deck of cards

Shuffle a deck of cards.

Deal each card

Hearts  =sit ups/crunches

Diamonds = Squats

Clubs = Push ups

Spades = wood-choppers

The number dealt is the number of reps for each exercise,the suit determines the exercise.

Jacks =11

Queens =12

Kings 15

Aces =20 for advanced  and 1 for beginners.

 Also scale as needed,Beginners all face cards could equal 10 however push through this routine as fast as possible If  you cannot complete it see how far through the pack you can go.

Wood choppers using a medicine ball/Bulgarian bag /exercise plate or small dumbell.

Raise the implement you have chosen above your head and explosively mimmick chopping wood using an axe between open legs,please keep tight hold of your chosen implement.

see here

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More on The Bulgarian Bag

Thanks to Matt for allowing me to use his video yesterday,checkout his website for common sense training info .

A good little routine for using the bag could involve spinning the bag around the body 30 seconds left and 30 s right,

Throwing the bag overhead and catching it for several reps,throw the bag over each shoulder for several reps and throw the bag directly backwards using the hip and back musles these throws should be done explosivly as possible.

As with anything new it is best to work these movements in slowy unless you have been training several years.

Finnish with a walking lunges with the bag slung over the shoulders and a set of walking lunges with the bag held in the zercher position.

Please be aware of people around you when throwing and also that the bag may split.

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26th May

5 rounds of

1 minute jump rope

1 min shadow box

5 plyometric push ups

plyometric push up push yourself as high as possible off the floor in an explosive manner,scale the workout to your own needs

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Bulgarian Bag

This looks a great piece of homemade equipment and much cheaper than buying one

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25th May

The carry

Farmers walk 50 yards then 10 burpees repeat x 5

Beginners 15lbs



advanced upwards of 50lb


Farmers walk implement can be dumbells,barbell,kb,sandbag,sacks of potatoes,get creative and carry a balanced load for the required distance.

A finnisher of 5 x 50 yard sprints could be added

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24th May

Allow yourself a day of active rest.

Swim,walk,bike ride,horseride the pleasure is yours to choose

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The carry home

Sooner or later Grok had to carry his Prey home.

Pick up heavy object and carry,Sandbag,kettlebells,keg or rocks it’s up to you carry and aim for 20 minutes under continuous load.

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