The deck of cards

Shuffle a deck of cards.

Deal each card

Hearts  =sit ups/crunches

Diamonds = Squats

Clubs = Push ups

Spades = wood-choppers

The number dealt is the number of reps for each exercise,the suit determines the exercise.

Jacks =11

Queens =12

Kings 15

Aces =20 for advanced  and 1 for beginners.

 Also scale as needed,Beginners all face cards could equal 10 however push through this routine as fast as possible If  you cannot complete it see how far through the pack you can go.

Wood choppers using a medicine ball/Bulgarian bag /exercise plate or small dumbell.

Raise the implement you have chosen above your head and explosively mimmick chopping wood using an axe between open legs,please keep tight hold of your chosen implement.

see here

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