Workout idea (Scriptless Training)


Scriptless training is were there are no reps sets or order to the routine,the idea is to keep things random and just keep working hard.

Rather than provide an actual workout,today it is about designing your own workout,It has no given structure it’s up to you to  decide whats next as the workout progresses

Indoors or outdoors,Get some exercises in your head and your equipment ready

Get some suitable equipment ready and keep it within your workout area,

So for instance you could take a medicine ball to the park.Perform a quick fartlek around the perimeter of the field run back to medicine ball throw it as far as possible sprint  to the med ball throw it again.Sprint to the med ball perform 5 burpees,sit ups or push ups.Slam the ball into the ground 10 times.Perform jumping jacks for 30 seconds then stright into lunges.


An indoor version could include,push-ups,crunches,lunges,burpees,jumping jacks,body weight rows squats,mountain climbers divebomber push ups.

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