During the Interval

An area the size of an English football field is used for this training session.

 Starting at a corner of the pitch you begin by sprinting the width to the opposite corner then jogging the remainder of the pitches touch line. Upon reaching the start you sprint the width but will continue sprinting to the middle line, then jog the remainder until your back at your starting position. Continue in this manner adding distance to the sprint portion until you finish sprinting the whole outer pitch. Upon completing the final sprint rest 60-90s then repeat the entire drill backwards starting with the sprint around the entire field and finishing with the distace you initialy started with (corner to corner).

The image I made below shows the drill, starting with line #1 and going to line #6 you sprint the coloured line then jog the remainder of the pitches touch line. Then rest 60s and repeat going from #6 – #1.

Farmers walks could also be used instead of the jogging part

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